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CEOs Now Make 300 Times More Than Their Workers. One City Says Stop!

With national policy likely to compound the income and wealth gap in the coming years, states and localities are fighting back.

Across the country, local jurisdictions aren’t waiting for federal action or corporate governance reforms to close the wage gap. In December, for example, the city of Portland, Oregon, passed an ordinance to raise the business tax on companies with CEOs who earn more than 100 times the median pay of their workers. Portland officials said the ordinance is the first of its kind in the country. And now, more cities and states are poised to follow suit.

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How Workers – Not Companies – Are Bearing the Growing Burden of Government

By Jay L. Zagorsky, Economist and Research Scientist, The Ohio State University. Tax day is here once more, and tens of millions of Americans will rush to file their income taxes by this year’s deadline of April 18 (rather than April 15 for a variety of reasons). Although most of us probably identify the federal income…

Recyclebank Green Schools Program Funds 44 Eco Projects

Recyclebank, the incentives and education platform focused on waste, today announced that 44 schools from Recyclebank's partnering communities successfully raised a total of $90,670 as part of the annual Recyclebank Green Schools Program. Each year, participating schools work to encourage residents to donate Recyclebank points to fund their unique and creative environmental projects designed to positively…

Alabama Senate Votes to Allow Church Police Force

The Vatican may soon no longer be alone among religious institutions possessing its own police force. Alabama’s Senate voted Tuesday, by a 24-4 margin, to allow a church to establish its own law enforcement department. The move would be unprecedented in the United States. And, according to experts, it would also be unquestionably unconstitutional. Briarwood Presbyterian…

Pope Francis Opens Free Launderette for Homeless

Pope Francis opened a free launderette for Rome’s poorest residents as a “concrete sign of mercy and charity” on 10 April. The launderette is the pope’s latest initiative to support homeless people in the Italian capital. He previously opened a barbershop and a dormitory in the Vatican and distributed sleeping bags to hundreds of homeless people…